History of wisdomlight.org

Wisdomlight.org was created in April 1999. It was a polyvalent website, in English and French, which contained all of my activities. It was redesigned and completed in May 2008 and continued to exist until May 2020, when the server hosting it abruptly shut down.

It was the occasion for a new restructuring.

For several years, I had created more complete dedicated websites for my main activities, in particular the Human Design, the Reiki and the PMT, and a more personal website, pierrewittmann.com.

At the beginning of this year, I created a new website for my painting, and another for my books.

These dedicated websites replace a large part of the content of the original Wisdomlight.

So the new Wisdomlight is smaller and only contains topics that are not on the dedicated sites.

The links, which were an attraction of the first Wisdomlight have also been deleted, because since ten years I have stopped traveling to feed and update them, and today it is much easier to find all these addresses on the Internet than it was twenty years ago. However, I kept the list of Good Books.

The pictures on this website are paintings by Pierre Wittmann.

Created by Pierre Wittmann